burden and action: sexual orientation and gender identity…

I wrote about Homosexuals under Concerns for certain Groups near the end of 2008, but I finally started applying for an organization that provides support to people with different sexual orientation and gender identities, and I am looking forward to their trainings in May, so I want to open up a new entry for this topic.


-I wonder how it came about, some says genetics or some other pre-dispositions, but why would God set something like that up when he forbids homosexual sex? [see discussion below] (at the same time, sinful nature is also allowed to be pass on(?), can any parallel be drawn?)

-Remember the children who were laughed at as being a tomboy or sissy; no matter if they were mistaken or not, or maybe even influenced to homosexuals.
-Remember all those days of contemplation, doubts, fear, and uneasiness.
-Remember the time of confusion, self-acceptance, hiding and finally coming out.
-Remember having to deal with friends, family, and ignorant public.

-Remember their loneliness.

-I hope that it was merely the past time and culture, that homosexual males have a higher rate of depression and suicide…
(Dead Boys Can’t Dance, a thin heart breaking book I read in high school which contains social surveys and case studies.)

-While the church condemns homosexual sex based on the bible (see discussion below), Jesus came to die for each and every one of us sinners, heterosexual or NOT.
-but most churches fail to emphasize the latter, even though that’s supposed to be their Mission Statement (the Great Commission), so the public began to label Church along with others who are truly "homophobic".

-The nervous minority rise up, not only to point fingers at "homophobes", also to re-define Marriage.

Well, it’s not like everyone actually follow that definition anymore nowadays, so meh.
But as a church, we still have to take our stand. Not because we want to end all your relationships (well, do we? hum, can we possibly end all the affairs?), simply because the definition of marriage was set up by God, at a point of time.

my church touched upon that in a study called They Like Jesus but not the Church: is the Church Homophobic?

I admit that there are grey areas in terms of homosexual love, but homosexual sex is forbidden when associated with idol worshipping, raping guests and the like.
In the end, I guess we are all sinners, and as Christians who are saved by the Lord Jesus Christ, we strive to live according to His will.
In the begining God clearly asked man and woman to be together; Paul mentioned in his teaching that he thinks singleness is a gift so we can focus on serving God, but if we can’t refuse our flesh it’s better to marry off yourself than to sin. It is hard to say if homosexual sex out of love is a sin against God, who is love. However, sin by definition is astray from God. It is also hard to argue that homosexuals are meant to be together according to the will of God, judging from the original creation design and the tone of the whole bible.

-but there are still lots of other areas of life you can walk closely with God, if you will. Jesus came to offer life, a life filled with abundence!

-other sexual orientations and gender identities may also find themselves in a strange position in terms of biblical teaching, social perception or even self-image.
I believe they share similar confusion and loneliness mentioned above and more.

I wish I can learn how to best serve this group of people, looking forward to trainings in May!

P.S. I know transgender fits under this, but I don’t think whatever I wrote in Concerns for certain Groups is relevant here, so I’ll perhaps further address it here after I learn more about them in my trainings, hopefully.


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~ by dream夢兒 on April 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “burden and action: sexual orientation and gender identity…”

  1. I believe that there is a good portion of homosexuals where they were teased and bullied when they were younger, and that resulted in them being homosexual. There is a good proportion of homosexuals who knew, from birth essentially, that they were homosexuals. Online, I found a short 300 word entry of a mother who realized that their 6 year old son was gay. ("My pee-stick gets really hard whenever Shaggy comes onto the screen in women\’s clothes.") About your stand on marriage, I don\’t know. I personally think that it is being sexist when we say that two men cannot marry, and that why should I get in the way of happiness between two people?In this day and age, I do not want to shun people based on their sexual orientation. But I think that the Lord embedded this orientation within them as a test. A test against gluttony and lust. If they fail, they repent, but most homosexuals I know believe that there is no heaven for them because of their orientation. Either that or they\’re atheist. Hopefully, I gave you something to chew on! :D

  2. nts: http://therubicon.org/2010/08/the-un-churchable/see discussion in particular. nothing too special but worth illustrating the controversy.

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